Jes-Extender- The Best Penile Extender For You


The topic of penis enlargement is always kept secret. For some reason, the queries related to this are always anonymous and people hesitate to talk about it. The spam section of inbox is always filled with such advertisements which guarantee the secrecy for providing help for a small penis. Behind all these advertisements and mysterious questioning, there is only one thing which hinders to talk about it in public which is social pressure.

Confessing a small size penis feels an embarrassment to most of the people whereas huge penis sizes are regarded more appealing and masculine. The truth is, no one is small sized. It’s just a perception; in fact, you can control the size of your penis by yourself.

Penis Enlargement- The Mystery 

Like all the other body modifications, penis can be transformed too. The procedure is not easy and it needs time and commitment. The results are not 100% guaranteed for a certain level of increase but in majority of the cases, they are significant enough to be considered as positive. The normal penis size is 5-6 inches and girth is 3-5 inches. However, men who follow techniques for larger penis are mostly above average which shows that they are actually not a victim of a small penis; they just want a larger penis for personal interest.

There are several techniques which are popular for their use in penis enlargement. Exercise is the one vital solution for it. The workouts for a stronger penis are not the common ones. The specialized nature of exercises enables the blood circulation to the penis to be more effective which helps to grow extra mass and strength? Exercises are recommended to avoid the side effects which may be caused by the supplements or steroids. Many of the times, exercise is combined with other supportive elements which show better results together.

Supplements and steroids are also used to increase the size and girth. They work on growth, cardiovascular and hormonal patterns the stimulate certain factors which are responsible for attaining more muscular strength and stamina. For some people, only supplements may not be a good option so they combine it with intense workouts and external help.

Is Penis Enlargement Real?

Penis enlargement is absolutely real. It should not be misunderstood for being easy. Everything comes with a price and the price of penis enlargement is hard work, risk, regularity, and motivation. It is similar to muscle gain for body building which is slow but the continuous process which has everlasting results.

How Is Enlargement Explained?

Penis enlargement follows the same principle which is followed by the other parts of the body. By using a method for penis stretching, the parts of penis are stretched which causes micro tear at a cellular level. This initiated the cell repair and growth mechanism which helps to build more mass and eventually the size is increased. This mechanism is followed by not just penis but all the body parts. The penis is no different, only you have to select a method which is safe and easy to use for you.

How Can You Enlarge Penis?


Exercise is by far the most natural way to gain size increase in the penis. Along with proper equipment, it produces effective and long-term results. It is safer than supplements and surgery. These exercises are sometimes combined with supplements and diet plans which provide even better results. Exercises follow the plan by strengthening the muscles, applying stretches and by improving blood circulation. No as such equipment is required for these exercises other than regular workout things e.g. mat.


Supplements create hormonal changes which promote the growth of mass on the penis. These supplements are of a chemical nature which may or may not interact with the natural hormonal balance by causing a disturbing. That’s why these supplements work for some people and don’t work for others.

Enlargement Devices

The most recent advancement for penis enlargement procedures is using a specialized device for it. This innovation has made the life easier for many people. These devices are mechanical devices which often come with an instruction manual. These devices don’t work on hormones or growth.

They use a different approach similar to body building by only work out. It increase the strength and stamina, transforming the body and adding volume to the penis in less time as compared to other methods. These devices could be extenders, weight based devices or vacuum pumps. Effectiveness of them is not dependent on only one thing, it includes a number of factors.

Penis extenders are only traction devices similar to the machines used in physiotherapy. They come in various designs and shapes. They are used on the penis directly which creates micro tears which further restore and regrow the cells. This growth adds volume to the penis. These devices can be worn anywhere under your clothes. Penis enlargement weights are another effective tool for increase in penis size which are a similar traction like devices. In these devices, traction is created through weight.

Penis pumps are vacuum based devices which are used for penis enlargement. These devices come in a variety of designs which include a cylinder which is adjusted with the penis and creates a vacuum for its work. These penis pumps also have a ring which is adjusted on the penis for its firmness and correct positioning onto the penis. These devices are most effective among all penis enlargement mechanical devices which can be used anywhere by anyone.

One of the most effective devices popular these days is Jes ExtenderIt is a clinically tested device which has justified its claims of effectiveness. Jes-Extender is a simple treatment to increase the size of your penis in a comfortable manner. Thousands of the satisfied customers reviewed it to be the best product for gaining size. The results by Jes-Extender are similar to the enlargement surgery but without incision or risks.

It has proved to increase the size up to 25% from the actual size, as told by the customers. It is popular because it uses the natural growth pattern of the cells of penis by making them grow with traction techniques. Jes-Extender has also proved to be effective for Peyronie’s disease which is a medical condition of penis. It not only increases length but also adds girth to the penis. For an enlarged penis only Jes-Extender is the best solution to try.