Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia: Weight Loss Fact or Fiction?

Is there any, amazing weight loss miracle drugs supplements?

Today’s market is full of weight loss miracle drugs and supplements that claims to help you to reduce your extra fat, but the selection of that drug is the crucial process.

If you are looking for weight supplements, and still you couldn’t decide, so this article is for you.

Garcinia gummi-gutta is a small, sweet tropical tree fruit shaped like a pumpkin, a citrus fruit also known as the Garcinia cambogia,brindle berry,kadam puli and malbar tamarind, grows in the southeast Asia.

Garcinia cambogia, a tropical fruit, is famous for the weight loss supplement, it can reduced your fat by blockage of your body ability to make fat and suppress your appetite.

Maintain your blood sugar, in the body and also control high cholesterol or enhance athletic performance.

The active ingredients in Garcinia cambogia is Hydroxycitric acid or HCA, has boosted to melt the fat. Dr. OZ Garcinia Cambogia

Raspberry Ketone :

Raaspberry ketone is a natural phenolic chemical from red raspberries. This substance is also found in trace amount in blackberries, cranberries and kiwis. It has a long history of use in cosmetics added to soft drinks, ice cream and other processed foods as a flavoring agent. it can also used for the treatment of alopecia and popular  for the weight loss.

It effects on the Adiponectin, a hormone that is released by fat cells results in the elevated level of hormone that can melts body fat and reduced appetite.

It  is also believed to play a role in regulation of metabolism and blood sugar levels.

 Composition Of Garcinia Cambogia : 

Extract contains the rasberry ketone. (60% HCA).

Extract contains a huge 1000mg dosage per serving.

Ingredients such as Hydroxycitric Acid that are present in the Garcinia Cambogia supplement, as well as Chromium, Calcium and Potassium. The concentration of Hydroxycitric Acid is at least 50% per supplements. Concentration of calcium should be approximately 6% while potassium must be 3%. Other ingredients of Garcinia Cambogia ingredients list are salt, soy, sugar, milk, gluten, wheat, yeast and preservatives.

Throughout the dozens of extensive research studies, it proved that the people who intake Garcinia cambogia lost about 2 pounds as compare to who didn’t take.

 Benefits Of Garcinia Cambogia :

It can help to reduce the bulk fat from your waist ,butt, finally achieve the flat belly ,firmer bum and a thinner legs that you have always wanted.

1)Makes You Feel Less Hunger:

HCA send an appetite suppressing signals to the brain by the amino acids 5-hydroxy tryptophan (direct precursor of happy hormone) specifically  serotonin, the hormone communicate with brain in the form of signals that enough food has consume ,results will feel you to less hunger , less calories intake, less cravings and reduced desire for comfort foods.

2)Blocks Fat Creation:

It  blocks the active site of citrate lyase, an enzyme that is responsible for the production of fat from the excess sugar and carbohydrates, causes the infirmity  of an enzyme to perform the function of making fat by the body ,loss of appetite ,affecting your metabolism as a natural weight loss cure.


High cholesterol can cause  overweight,obesity and atherosclerosis, an accumulation of cholesterol and other deposits on the walls of arteries. These deposits  can decrease blood flow through your arteries and may provide less oxygen to different  body parts, which can cause complications, such as chest pain,heart attack and stroke. Huge medications are available on the market to overcome the high cholesterol level but mostly peoples want to cure this disease by naturally because of the side-effects ,cost of medicines that are available on the market. You may control cholesterol level by lessen your weight or change the diet plans with little bit sodium intake, eating more dietary fiber from high-fiber foods like veggies, legumes,nuts, seeds and beans naturally .HCA in Garcina cambogia has the potent action that inhibit the enzyme ATP citrate lyase that are responsible for the production of fatty acids.


Garcinia cambogia make it easier for your body to utilize glucose , It improves glucose metabolism by delay and reducing intestinal glucose absorption after meals. It may improve weight loss is through inhibition of pancreatic alpha amylase enzymes, changes in intestinal alpha glucosidase and alterations in fatty acid synthesis. This herb improves glucose metabolism.

5)Boost your metabolism : Increases the body metabolism for lesser accumulation of  fat

Other benefits include:

  • Higher in antioxidants
  • Improve cardio vascular health
  • Promotes digestive health
  • Fight against depression
  • Improved mood
  •  weight loss
  • Boost energy
  • Enhances athletic performance

Side Effects Of Garcinia Cambogia : 

Some customers claims they don’t have experience about the side effects from Dr Oz Garcinia Cambogia. while few of them observe the following symptoms like becoming fuzzy or weak, fatigue and brain fog, skin rashes ,an increase in catching colds/lower immune function ,dry mouth and bad breath and headaches.

Other issues like nausea, trouble eating or diarrhea and may cause the liver demage depending on the complications that may vary from person to person.


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